About me

My name is Ambre. I come from France. I grew up in the south (Languedoc Roussillon). Since my childhood, I have drawn, painted, stuck things, cut things, sew fabrics, pieced things together, mixed colors…I always loved cartoons in the morning, comic books for birthdays and video games for Christmas!

After studying 4 years in an artistic school in Montpellier (ESMA), I found my way as a 3D animator. Since then, I had the chance to work on great projects in Belgium, London, Australia, New Zealand and currently in the USA.
 The movie and kids TV series industries are fantastic. I am still this little girl dreaming about working for the Disney studios one day!
I had the chance to talk with amazing people who worked on movies like "Star wars"! Every little anecdote they share with you is just so precious!

It takes time to be a good animator... You are learning all your life. What a fascinating job!

-From November 3th 2009, home was Australia, at the other side of the world!
Sydney is a wonderful city, people are very friendly. I really loved living the Aussie life.

- January 18th 2012, Manu and I moved to Auckland in New-Zealand. Another great adventure to live! Our daughter Lani is born in Auckland in April 2013.
This place is magical, kiwis are the kindest people on earth and I think that we felt so good living there that having a child in this beautiful country was the right, perfect time for us! We loved working at Oktobor Animation and felt like being part of a big family :)

-November 23th 2013, we sadly left New-Zealand..Oktobor closed..We now live in Stamford, a city close to New York city. To be honest, it's the hardest country we had to live in. We had an american dream but we are a bit disappointed at the moment. Things are far from being simple in the USA.
But, it also takes time to adapt to a new country so let's give it some time!

Don't be surprised to find ceramics, paintings, dog accessories and animations all mixed together! I decided to be honest and put everything I am on this blog.
I feel lucky to be able to use those different way to express myself artistically.
Computers are great tools but I can't denied how much I also love to work with paper, paint, fabrics and others materials. 

I hope you'll enjoy your navigation on my website & If you are interested in my profile, my designs or just want to talk with me, please don't hesitate to contact me! I'll be very very happy to hear from you!