Saturday, 2 January 2010

Wedding cups for Radford & Nicole :)

London, 2008, We meet Radford and Nicole. They tell us that they are going to get married in 2010 in New-Zealand and that we're invited.
At that moment it was impossible for us to image going to the wedding since New-Zealand is on the other side of the world. About 12.000 kilometres away. Which is quite far wouldn't you say.
Then life had a little surprise for us. One year later we find ourselves living in Sydney, Australia. Only 3 hours away by plane from, yes, you got that right, New Zealand. Which means that now it's very easy to go and be part of the marriage of Radford and Nicole.
For this special occasion I made the following 2 cups. I'll present them in a basket filled with white feathers. I hope they'll like it.

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