Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Australia & me

Because of this fantastic industry which is animation, I have the chance to work on great projects, with talented people and experience new countries, new life styles.
Sydney has been so far the best experience I ever had.
I remember very well being scared when Manu told me that he had a job offer there. I was like "What?! no way! too far!!!".
But then, how could I let him leaving without me! hehe (btw, he will not leave without me :D)
After 1 year and 8 months, I am happy to announce that I am totally in love with Australia! What a beautiful country...For the little I saw, I loved everything..actually, it's a lie...huntsman spiders and others tropical deadly things are still not my cup of tea! But the trees, the nature, the bay, the kangourous, the koalas, the sun, the sand, the dolphins, the whales....and the people...it's magical and I feel very lucky to experience this...
So that was my little love letter to Australia...Yes cause it's not easy to stay in this country...you have to deserve it!
So, hoping to be able to write another post about Australia next year, I just wanted to post the trailer of "Happy feet 2" the movie we are working on and which bring us to the land of OZ...

In french s'il vous plait!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Ambre.

I feel good to see you so in love of this country. I'm dtill not on the same situation here in South Korea as the language barrier was more difficult to break with just english. But i definetly know this kind of feelings, when you talk about the wonderful places and colorful country citizen / animals. I will look in deph to "Happy feet 2" when it should be launched here. Continue to leave in this great "dream come's true", as you've quoted Orson Wells.
I hope to you see you in Australia when i could get time for a break with my daugther and my wife.

( you think about baby's, isn't it ?)

Ps FR: Régales-toi bien là bas !