Monday, 11 July 2011

Karina & Will customized cups!

Few months ago, I received an email from a nice girl called Karina coming from Tuscon, USA.
She said in her email that she found my blog by chance on the internet, falled in love with my designs and would like to order cups for her and her boyfriend (now future husband).
I can tell you that receiving that kind of compliments from someone you don't know, about your work, is priceless!

So from that, she sent me pictures of her and her boyfriend (Will) with nice little details about them, things they like to do, favourite colors etc...
I soon started to draw, looking for nice charicatures of them. During the time I was working on the cups, Karina and I communicated via email and had nice conversations. She confessed to me that Will asked her to marry him! What a beautiful new to share!
After few months, Karina wrote me again, telling me how happy she is with her cups and how much she likes them! Here are the pictures she kindly sent to me :)
Thank you Karina and I wish you the best with Will <3

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