Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Goodbye Aotearoa...

After almost 2 years of pure happiness in New-Zealand, we left the land of the Maori...
Sadly, Oktobor Animation closed its doors,  not able to survive against China and India competitive low rates...The company couldn't keep us all...
We had to leave cause our visa wasn't working anymore. It was hard, very hard. This country is so precious to my heart. The people are the kindest, the air is pure and the nature beautiful...I made amazing friends and started to feel like it was THE place for us...(even if it is surrounded by 50 volcanos!)
But now that we are parents, we have the biggest responsibility and we needed a plan B.

So plan B was to find another job quickly! Manu did! He is now a rigger at Bluesky Studios in the USA. (http://blueskystudios.com/ Epic, Ice Age, Rio...)
Since November 2013, Manu, Lani, Ficelle and I are living in Stamford, Connecticut. We are about 40 min far by train from NYC! Which is fantastic! NYC! it's like being in a movie every time we are getting out of the train and are in Grand Central station!
I am not going to write too much about the tough winter we've been through cause I will complain a lot and will sound like a real french! but man, it was hard! We felt isolated surrounded by all this snow! I couldn't drive the stroller outside as first it was extremely cold and second it was so icy and dangerous! Hey but it's now summer and things are looking much better!

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