Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Handmade cute harnesses for doggies

Ok, let me explain...
April 2010, we decided with Manu that it was time for us to have the dog we always wanted as we were feeling happy in Sydney. We didn't really have a clear idea about the breed but because of living in a flat, we prefered not to have a labrador! After doing many searches on the internet about "THE" dog, we finally decided to adopt a miniature dachshund! YAY! Best choice ever! An adorable little sausage that we named Ficelle. In french, it's a fine long bread baguette and also a "string"...

She quickly started to inspire me and because of her long body and sensitive back, I wanted to design a harness for her. It's how I made my first one! People were stopping me in the street making compliments about the harness and asking where I bought it! I made and sold few of them and still make them on order and on measurements.
Just send me an email with size and preferred colours and you'll be surprized by the success your posh will have on top of being already the most beautiful doggy ever!

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