Tuesday, 3 August 2010

More harnesses designs

 TECHNICAL notes about the harness:
This harness is better for your dog and ground he/she walks on. It’s a humane alternative to collar and leash walking. A durable, handmade cloth harness that wraps around your pet’s neck and under the chest with black or white Velcro. The neck area is reinforced with a side-release buckle. This vest design diverts stress from your pet’s neck to protect its spine and eliminates underarm chaffing. A leash loop is located on the top of the harness. Designed so bulky buckles don’t interfere with Rover’s range of motion. KEY FEATURES For durability and strength the cloth is double layered and reinforced with interfacing. 3 sq/in of Velcro at the neck. 4 sq/in of Velcro at the chest.

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