Sunday, 8 April 2012

Character Animator @ Oktobor -Auckland- New Zealand

The animation industry is so magic! Here I am, at the very end of the world, on a small island...New Zealand. Working on great projects, animating awesome characters at Oktobor animation in Auckland.
TV serie is for sure a different world from Feature film. The rhythm is so intense! You just need to be able to deliver awesome quality on a very short deadline! EASY! Even if it's an everyday challenge, I am enjoying myself so much and feel grateful to do this job!

I started to animate on Robot & Monster, here is a little synopsis :

Created by Dave Pressler, Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia, Robot and Monster has been picked up by Nickelodeon for 26 episodes.  The animated buddy comedy is set in a unique world where gangs of Howling Cyber Monkeys roam the streets at night, everybody loves bacon, and robots and monsters live side by side, but typically don’t get along.  A self-proclaimed genius and amateur inventor, Robot is convinced he is capable of great things, an opinion that is shared by absolutely no one else except Monster.  Monster believes good things happen to good people and that all people are good.  Together, they prove you can handle anything with your best friend at your side.

It's still impossible to find a picture of how exactly the serie looks like cause Nickelodeon is still testing the audience. I really like Robot And Monster, it's sooo funny! Hope to see it soon on TV!


Another great serie I have the chance to work on : Penguins of Madagascar

From mi-April, I will start on Kung Fu Panda "Legend of awesomeness". How cool is that?? I can't wait to  challenge myself and animate those great characters kung fu fighting! Hopefully I'll have some cool shots to put in my future demo reel!

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