Saturday, 28 July 2012

Epic Mickey 2!!!now, we can talk about it :D

For 5 weeks before leaving Australia, I worked at Plastic Wax (small game company owned by the Maddams family) as a freelance in Sydney on a "secret" cinematic for a Disney game...haha...SO hard when you sign the paper where you guarantee you will not talk about it, mention it or whatever to nobody until it officially releases! yes, hard when you like to talk and share like me but hey > this is a gold rule of our industry and it has to be respected. Also, it has his charm cause when you finally can share, it's exiting and rewarding. I worked with 2 animators on this cinematic. One of them is Maurice Giacomini who also worked on Happy Feet 2. An experienced 2D/3D animator blessed with kindness and James Pearson, a very talented young guy...James is an amazing animator, he was my lead and I learned great tips from him. Here is the link to his demo reel :
Most of my work was on the singing mad doctor sequence, some Ozwald shots and the most important,  the last 3D shot when Mickey is waking up at the end! I animated MICKEY! my life is complete :D
Here we go:

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Craig said...

Fantastic work Ambre!

I just came across your work as you're a Oktobor animator and I've just been looking around Linked-In! haha

I love the Epic Mickey style so it's great to see one of the animators who worked on it. I also know James from Animation Mentor as well :)

Keep up the great work Ambre!